Social Video Sites


Because of video’s widespread application, Local Video Buzz offers small businesses and professionals the option of having a customized solution designed to meet their unique needs. Whether its customer testimonials, product demonstrations, educational videos, or training and coaching videos, we have developed a custom social video website to hold all your video content, while allowing your visitors to interact with each clip resulting in a user-generated content site that will further help you dominate your local searches online.

Think of your website as its own TV channel. Imagine having your own network where customers can learn about your products and services at the exact same moment and time that they are interested. Most companies are not currently taking advantage of this phenomenon. Isn’t it time to utilize the conversions of the internet, television, radio, to realize the potential benefits that possibly exist in your market place?

Your Social Video site will create a strong first impression in the minds of your visitors to show that your business is “on the cutting-edge.” And, in the case of internet visitors, your first impression may be the only chance you’re given to stand out from your competition.