Tracking & Reporting


Measuring the Results of Web Video Marketing

You need mechanisms in place to be able to measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts on your website. You want to know how many visitors you are getting and where they are coming from. For your visitors coming as a result of Internet searches, you want to know what they were searching for.

A start is to get good data on the traffic your website is getting. There are software programs that analyze your traffic, and you should use at least one of them. These programs are usually installed by your host.

Data You Need from Your Host

Most local businesses do not have any form of third party tracking for their websites or current online marketing campaigns, and those that do, very few actually know how to parse through the data and find what is relevant for sound business decisions.

We help you implement analytic and reporting data about your website, your campaigns online and your overall presence. We use it to not only judge our efficacy with your business online, but as a map to what we should be concentrating on the most. Is Urbanspoon or is Citysearch your largest purveyor of traffic? What other sites refer you a lot of traffic? Which ones don’t? What part of the city are most of your customers visiting your site from? What keywords are people finding you under? What search engines draw you the most traffic? (Hint: Google).

We set up monthly reports with the most relevant information that you can judge current traffic trends against monthly previous trends to see not only real overall growth, but areas for improvement and focus.

We provide our clients with thorough data on their website visitors. We primarily use two programs: Webalizer and AW Stats.

AW Stats gives quite refined and sophisticated data on the number of visitors and other performance parameters. It will filter out visits from search engine spiders. This gives you a lower number of visitors, but it is more accurate if you want to know the real impact you are having on potential clients. It is the program we recommend to give the most accurate assessment of your website performance. It also gives a detailed breakdown of the number of referrals from search engines, the search terms used, referrals from other sources, duration of visits, most popular pages, and the average number of pages viewed by each visitor.

Webalizer is a more commonly used program. It gives some basic data on the number of visits and the number of pages viewed, as well as information about the top search terms used to find your site. We recommend using this program to compare the results we are getting for you with the results of other website companies. Since it is a more commonly used statistics program, it will give you a more fair comparison. However, the traffic data will include visits from search engine spiders, so it won’t give you as accurate a picture as AW Stats will of how you are performing with visitors who could become clients.

Information to Gather from Your Customers

The bottom line of any marketing effort is the number of actual customers who come to you and buy from you. Savvy businesses will ask their new customers when they make the first purchase how they found the store. And if they found you through your website, you should also find out how they found your website. For example, If you own a kitchen remodeling business in Houston, it helps immensely to know that they found your website by searching for “Houston Kitchen Countertops” on Google, as opposed to finding it because of your ad in Houston Home Magazine.

If you track these customers and track how much they purchase from you, you will find out how effective your marketing dollar really is.

We promise you first page ranking of your video on Google. But we want to deliver more than that. To do that, we will contact you every month to get information about how many people are calling, whether or not they make appointments, and the quality of those leads. As savvy marketers, we understand the real bottom line, and that’s where we want to make you successful. Are we helping you be productive? And are we helping you find the kind of business you find particularly satisfying, yet profitable? That’s our objective.