The Surefire Way to Get More New Customers in a Down Economy…


If you’re looking to dramatically increase exposure to your business on the internet, video marketing has become the fastest most effective strategy to reach your target audience on the web. Here are some statistics from the Online Publishers Association and Adweek that illustrate just how powerful Internet video has become as a marketing tool for business:

  • Of the people viewing marketing-orientated videos (videos promoting a product or service), over half will take some sort of action after viewing a video…including 12% who will actually buy the product being offered. To put this into perspective, typically only .5% to 2% of visitors to a “text only” web site will end up purchasing a product.
  • 65% of online surfers will view video advertisements to their completion (less than 20% read “text only” sites to completion).
  • 68% of people who watch online videos, will in turn, pass links for these videos onto their friends…turning them into viral traffic machines.
  • 72% of online surfers are watching web videos every week. By the year 2011, it’s estimated this number will climb to 87% of web surfers.
  • An estimated 1 billion dollars will be spent on video ads in this year. By 2011, that number will climb to at least 4.3 billion dollars.
  • Are pimple faced kids, watching music videos on YouTube, responsible for the web video phenomenon? Nope. Actually, more than 65% of the people who watch online videos are between the ages of 35 and 64 (and 67% of these folks earn middle to high incomes).

The bottom line is that if you’re not using web video to promote your web site, your products or your services, then you’re leaving money on the table – A lot of money. And if you’re not using videos in the future, there’s a good chance you may not even survive. is the industry leader in helping local small businesses with their online marketing using Internet video. We specialize in creating Web Video commercials and short informational videos and getting them to appear on the first page of Google’s natural search engine rankings for keywords relevant to your business.

After years of exhaustive research and experiments, Local Video Buzz has formulated a proprietary content creation and distribution model, referred to as the SVM (Social Video Marketing) program, which is a recipe that’s guaranteed to produce local visibility and rankings in the major search engines. And by Guarantee we mean that if your video does not show up on the first page of Google, we will give you a full refund of your ranking service fee.

The SVM program is designed not only to ensure top ranking of your videos but more importantly to move your visitors from ignorance to qualified prospects and eventually to paying customers.