Video Production


The Internet has become so over-saturated with “amateur” and “homemade” videos (it’s estimated that 100,000 new videos are added to YouTube every day), consumers have become “quick to pull the trigger” on videos that don’t immediately grab and hold their attention.

In fact, the most recent statistics show that consumers stop watching the majority of online videos after just the first 20 seconds.

Or to put it another way, the novelty of online video has worn off.

For you, that means you can no longer get away with shooting blurry videos from a web cam. You can no longer get away with shooting “PowerPoint” videos where you simply talk over some slides. And you can no longer get away with recording “single scene” videos where you ramble on in front of the camera for 10 minutes.

Consumers have now become far too savvy. In fact, if a web commercial doesn’t grab their attention…if it doesn’t stop them dead in their tracks…if doesn’t “look like something they would see on TV”…they’ll just click away.

You must have videos that sell – Videos that engage the viewer’s eyes, ears and mind…while driving home the major benefits of your product or service…and…forcing the viewer to take a specific action when the video ends.

To accomplish that, we use a process that ensures the success of an online video marketing campaign. To learn more about our process Click Here: