Our Process


Local Web Video offers a complete team with the necessary skills set to handle every individual video production.

  • Producer: A producer will meet with you to assess your needs, and goals for the video. This individual will also assume the role as your project manager and will act as your primary point of contact with Local Web Video.
  • Writer: A writer will develop the script designed specifically for your project and submit it to the production team.
  • Director: A director will manage the production process to make sure the product meets the goals of expectations established at the commencement of the project.
  • Videographer: A videographer will be engaged to make sure the look of the piece is achieved while also controlling the camera during video shooting.
  • Art/Graphic Designer: An Art/Graphic Designer will design specific content for your project such as logos, demos, and graphics and other design elements.
  • Editor: An editor will incorporate all elements and compose the video to meet the anticipated project goals and objectives.
  • Marketer: A Marketer will decide online distribution channels to utilize for promotion and visibility and will optimize and distribute your content to all these appropriate online avenues.

How do we do it? Local Video Buzz takes a revolutionary 4 Phase approach to our online production process. This assures you that all productions are met and will be completed on schedule.

  • Phase 1: Pre-Production. We meet with you to learn about both your business and the type of video desired. We analyze your competitors and what they are doing in the online world. We then collaborate with you to determine the goals and objectives for your project. A personal concept and strategy outline is then developed and submitted for your approval.
  • Phase 2: Production phase 2 is the production aspect of the project.
  • Phase 3: is Post-Production. This is where we Edit the video, Design graphics and Mix audio Upon completion of post production we will present the video for Approval cut if needed we will make the Necessary Revision before moving on to the promotion of your video online
  • Phase 4: Distribution, Tracking and Reporting of your video success on the internet. After we are done with the post production of the video we compress it and Distribute it to the top 70+ video search engine sites, social media sites, social bookmarking sites, major blogs, and podcasting directories. We also develop Custom landing pages with calls of action so that leads can be generated by your video.

When a series of videos has been opted as a long term online campaign, we will Host the video if a custom social media site option is added to the mix. We will then Integrate the videos into the custom social video website. We then track the views and leads and provide custom reporting based on these success metrics. This distribution and marketing phase is then continually enhanced on a monthly basis.

In summary, Here is what you can you expect to get with Local Video Buzz?

  • Real results, measured in leads and sales – A proven way to generate leads and customers even when usual methods don’t work as well as they used to.
  • Worldwide power aimed at your local market – The combined power of video and the Internet in one turnkey service provided by a company that understands your local market-because it’s based here, too.
  • Experts who guarantee their work – Our team of certified Internet video marketing experts, trained and dedicated to get results for your business-or you get your money back. (What newspaper, radio station or TV channel has ever guaranteed your results?)
  • You and your business…on screen…for peanuts – Your own commercials, Internet TV and radio features about you and your business broadcast regularly to your market for way less money than you ever imagined possible.