Why Online Video


In today’s fast-paced world, a strong internet presence for your business is a strategic marketing essential. For years, businesses that used print, television and radio, still had to rely on supplementing their direct response brand marketing with both paying and organic search terms. Unfortunately standard search engine optimization can take months to build back links, and referral pages. Alternatively clients would bid up key terms to paid search results using Google Adsense or yahoo’s former overture system.

With costs as high as fifty dollars per click on some terms, buying keywords has rapidly become unprofitable and paid search terms don’t address the negative listings and complaints from top rank blogs about controversial companies. Instead the SVM program from Local Video Buzz offers web video creation and distribution to build ranking with key terms. The program matches new algorithm metrics adopted by the search engines recently to recognize full motion video over text based links.

Most people will go first to the internet from the convenience of their home or workplace to search for a new product or service, including the one you offer.

Research shows that People will watch online videos that are informational and genuinely helpful. Hence, offering online educational video segments about your product or service gives your visitors the opportunity to conduct preliminary research, develop a comfort level with your business, and come prepared with any questions that are keeping them from making their final decision.

The bottom line outcome you want is to move a visitor watching your little video segments to move from ignorance to a qualified prospect and finally becoming a paying customer. But you want to do it in such a way that instead of you coming across as a salesman, you become someone who is helping them by sharing valuable information, thus becoming a trusted friend and advisor. As you know, people buy from those whom they know, like and trust, and that’s what you want your videos to do.