Online Search Trends


According to The Kelsey Group more than 70 percent of people randomly surveyed said they use the Internet to find local places to buy. Consumers are performing nearly two billion locally targeted searches each month, representing over 40% of total monthly Web searches. That number is likely to grow, given that local search is estimated to become a $25 billion dollar industry by 2017.

ComScore reports that nearly 90% of people will research online and buy offline. In fact, the trend is so popular that it was recently coined, “ROBO,” (Research Online Buy Offline) by Yahoo’s GM of Local, Frazier Miller at SMX Local & Mobile.

As it relates to online video, Recent studies show over 50% of all web traffic is now video. And it’s share of the internet `pie’ keeps growing. In fact, Youtube alone now accounts for 12%+ of ALL web traffic. This makes locally optimized video content even more critical to having a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

These statistics highlight that accessible, accurate, comprehensive and relevant business listing content on local search engines is fundamental to increasing awareness and conversion for your local business. In short, the simple reality is that we must all now integrate video-on-the-web as a necessary component of our overall marketing strategy.